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Withdraw EPF claim is made by an employee if he is unemployed or at the time of retirement. 75% of the EPF balance can be withdrawn after one month of unemployment and the balance 25% can be withdrawn after two months of unemployment. You can make a withdrawal claim by filling the EPF withdrawal form online. Note that you can use the online withdrawal claim facility only if your Aadhaar is linked with your UAN.

An SMS notification will be sent to your mobile number registered with EPFO. Once the claim is processed, Withdraw EPF the amount will be transferred into your bank account. The money usually gets credited within 15-20 days, although no formal time limit has been provided by the EPFO.

A member can withdraw a part of his Withdraw EPF corpus to meet emergency requirements during the employment period by filling the Form 31. If you are withdrawing on the ground of unemployment, you have to fill Form 31. The purpose for withdrawal has to be mentioned in the form. The approval of amount claimed depends on the allowable limit and the fund accumulated in the member’s EPF account. Reasons for withdrawal can be medical reasons, wedding, higher education, etc.

This form is filled to withdraw the entire accumulated Withdraw EPF amount at the time of retirement. This is also known as ‘Final Settlement’. You need to fill your personal details and employment details such as your date of leaving, the reason of leaving services, date of joining services, PAN, UAN and Aadhaar Number, bank account details, full postal address, etc.

If you want to withdraw the pension amount, Form – 10C should be filled. Thus if you are withdrawing your PF on the ground of unemployment you have to fill Form 31 and Form 10 C. The fields in this form are similar to that in Form 19. The pension amount is regulated by the Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1950 whereas the PF amount is regulated by the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, 1952. So if you want to withdraw both the PF and pension amounts, you will have to fill the two forms separately.

You can claim your PF online only if you meet the following conditions :

You must be allotted a UAN number and it should be activated
Your mobile number must be registered with the UAN
Your bank details must be seeded into the UAN
Your PAN and Aadhaar should be seeded into the EPFO database

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