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ESIC Registration: Registration of employers under ESI Act is fully online, without requirement of submission of any
physical application documents either before the registration or after it.

The employer registration is totally online and on real time basis. No manual intervention /
approval is required for registration.

The employer is required to submit the information in the online screens (SCREEN SHOTS
ENCLOSED) and on successful submission of the information; the code number is generated
automatically and displayed to the employer. A copy of the Registration letter(C-11) can be printed from
the link provided. A copy of registration letter ( C-11) along with the user credentials ( user ID and
password) are also sent automatically to the email of the employer.

The Registration (C-11) is a computer-generated letter and is not required to be physically signed
by issuing authority and can be used by the employer as a valid proof of registration.

Once the code number is generated and C-11 is sent to the email address of the employer,the employer ESIC Registration
can log on to the website of the ESIC ( www.esic.in) and can perform all the online activities.

The mandatory fields in the online registration form are marked with Asterisk (*).

The mandatory / non-mandatory information required to be filled in the screens can be seen from the
snapshot of the screens given in the help file which should be kept ready for avoiding the delay in filling
up of the information.

The total number of employees required for registration under ESI Act for factories is 10
for Pan India. For Establishment, the number of employees required for each station under ESI Act is
10/20. Please check the applicability of the establishment depending upon the number of employees
from the table (enclosed).

In the Drop Box for selection of the Branch Office, the employers are free to choose any Branch
Offices nearest to their unit. In the Drop Box for selection of Inspection Division employers can choose
any Inspection Division.