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The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) of Best EPS Schemes has as of late raised the loan fee on Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to 8.65 percent for the budgetary year 2018-2019 from 8.55 percent for the year  2017-2018. In a situation where financing costs are on a declining, this sort of ensured tax-exempt return is alluring and will satisfy the salaried class, a large portion of whom add to EPF on a month to month  reason for their retirement. In any case, is EPF extremely the best retirement sparing choice? As EPFO and Best EPS Schemes puts dominatingly owing debtors instrument, are you missing out on the potential return that values can  convey over long haul. How does EPF toll against National Pension Scheme (NPS), which has as of late turned out to be more duty proficient?

How about we think about the two alternatives on different parameters and choose whether you ought to go for EPF or NPS, or both.
 A worker needs to contribute 12 percent of essential wages towards EPF. A coordinating commitment is made by the business. From the business’ commitment, 8.33 percent (up to Rs 1,250) goes towards representative benefits plot (EPS). You can put resources into EPF just through boss. The vast majority of the salaried individuals contribute towards EPF. In any case, it isn’t obligatory for those winning an essential compensation above Rs 15,000 every month.
 NPS is deliberate characterized commitment plot (just for non-government workers) under which a representative needs to contribute 10 percent of the compensation in addition to dearness stipend as obligatory month to month commitment and a coordinating commitment can be made by the business. You can open a NPS account individually too.

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