How to use stickers in whatsapp

By | June 12, 2019

WhattsApp, an instant messaging app platform which was owned by Facebook is leading in the Social Media like anything.And in this moment, a new feature said to be Whatsapp Stickers had also been launched for all android and ios users too.This latest feature is already rolling out like anything in the market and everyone who uses it are loving this feature.In the first phase ,Whattsapp launched only one set of stickers called as Cubby along with the Minseung song which is equally important that is pre-installed aditionally with this update.Furthermore,This update also includes the sticker store to download more sticker packs similar to other messaging applications.For instance,These Whatsapp Stickers store includes the feature to remove or delete likewise stickers which are already downloaded.

Next,Here is the list of unique steps how to use WhattsApp stickers effectively:
->Try to use wahttsapp version 2.18 or latest besides too likewise
-> should have Internet Connection

List of Steps to be followed to send Whatsapp Stickers:

1.Open your Whattsapp in your smartphone with Active Internet Connection.
2.Select the contact name to whom you want to send the Sticker.
3.Now,select the ‘smiley’ symbol on the left of that text box.
4.Then,Select Sticker icon which is beside the GIF icon.
5.Finally,Click on the Sticker to send.

How to download and manage Whatsapp Stickers:

1.Click on Whattsapp and then on any contact.

How to use stickers in whatsapp

2.See about ‘stickers’ and tap on the plus icon present on the top-right of the stickers section also.
3.Select the sticker pack which you like to download.
4.Click on ‘Download’ icon to start the download.
5.If you want to delete, go to ‘My stickers’ and then press the Delete option.

Imp to note:

Iphone users can click Sticker icons and exactly as beside than to the text box.

The Whattsapp Sticker database currently holds thirteen sets of stickers moreover by also including the pre-installed names, for example:Cuppym Salty, The maladroits,
as well as Banana and Biscuit and many more.In the same way,finally android users can download multiple stickers again and again through Google Play Store by clicking more options on the bottom.

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